Wipes Case Review and Giveaway!

Before becoming a Mother I would of laughed if someone told me about the amount of ways to store and organize wipes. Now as a  Mother of two I realize wipes are the bomb. Used for EVERYTHING and anything. These soft cases are ways to store wipes bought in bulk and bring with you on the go. I like each one for different reasons and believe each woman may have a different favorite so I shared below my likes and dislikes for all three! 

Huggies Clutch N Clean


  • Grab handle with snap to attach to stroller.
  • Can fit a very large amount of wipes.
  • Inexpensive and often free when purchasing bulk box of wipes. (Between $4-$6 when purchased alone depending on store)
  • Easily found locally in stores.
  • Cute prints and new ones come out.
  • Wipes come out so easily. The hole under the flip top lid is larger than WIPOUCH and I prefer it larger.


  • Handle can’t be removed.
  • Does not fit easily in a JuJuBe large set piece.
  • The plastic quality is not as great as the others. Some have had experiences of breaking. I have several and haven’t had that problem yet. 
  • Doesn’t feel as stylish or sleek.



  • I love the simplicity and that the clear ones can match all my bags.
  • The ability to easily make or purchase a cover in numerous prints.
  • They have released new prints in pink, blue, and gorgeous neutral leaves.
  • They also bitty buti-pod for face wipes and nose wipes that I keep in my restaurant bag.
  • Can fit in my JuJuBe large set piece.
  • Can be purchased on Amazon.
  • Reasonably priced. ($12.99 for two, free shipping on Amazon Prime)


  • I did have one rip after several months of use BUT customer service was outstanding.
  • Not as easy to refill the wipes.
  • I have to get the wipes out before I change baby and have ready to go. There is no flip top and more difficult to get out one handed.



  • Grab handle that can be removed.
  • Super easy to refill.
  • Flip top lid so wipes are easily dispensed.
  • Gorgeous and stylish prints such as floral, owls, and stripes.
  • Very compact and lightweight.
  • Can fit in my JuJuBe large set piece easily.


  • Shipping can take awhile so must have patience.
  • Expensive. ($20.00 AUD *$14.96 USD* plus shipping from Australia. It ends up being $28.43 USD for two) BUT I have seen lately that a few small boutiques are carrying these. Shipping and cost will decrease due to this.
  • I find the wipes come out easier on the Huggies Clutch n Clean due to smaller hole on this one.

For me personally I love the Huggies Clutch n Clean in my car bags or for long days or weekends away because of how much it holds. Buti Pod and WIPOUCH have larger capacity cases that I just haven’t tried yet. I do love Buti Pods smaller case for face wipes when I’m bringing just my restaurant kit in. The WIPOUCH is my go to for small and powerful. When I need to pack as little as possible that’s what I reach for due to it being so compact. Which case do you like best? 

I am thrilled to announce one of my lucky readers will be winning a WIPOUCH essentials set. It includes the smaller pouch that holds 20 and the larger one that holds 60! Enter below and good luck. 

WiPouch Giveaway


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